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Capture alpha using event-driven scoring presented on a visual analytics system



 Secondary Offering

New deals

New deal

FDA decisions

Evaluate alternatives


New products

New drug

Joint venture


Regulatory decisions

Financial reports related events



Expansions to new markets

Management and stakeholders changes

 Secondary Offering

New deal

Expansions to new markets

Clinical trial results


financial reports related events

management and stakeholders changes

New products

FDA decisions


Regulatory decisions

Capture alpha using event-driven scoring presented on a visual analytics system

What we do

Capture alpha using event-driven scoring presented on a visual analytics system

Using big data and NLP technologies to capture alpha by collecting, structure and reveal events from news articles, press releases, and financial social media. Our data is presenting on visually compelling, interactive dashboards on your PC and mobile.

Using a hybrid model to provide high accuracy of data classification, context, and sources to ensure maximum value for our clients. Generating events scoring based on novelty, the position of the event, (header or news body), the event scoring index and the repetition of the event in the media.

Event Categories
In today’s rapidly changing environment it is essential to be able to track corporate events such as M&A, new deals, partnerships, ESG, regulatory decisions, management and stakeholders’ changes, expansions to new markets or product categories, new products, price changes, new agreements, FDA decisions, financial reports related events, macroeconomics and much more…

Comprehensive Sourcing
Cover press releases, news stories, and financial social media on companies, currencies, commodities, central banks, cryptocurrencies, macroeconomics and ETFs 24/7.

Visual Analytics
Our data is presenting on easy to use interactive dashboards on the web or on your phone, get alerts when data changes, and drill into details. Alpha is at your fingertips.

What we cover

7 Markets
12 Sectors
120 Countries
130 Industries
500 ETFs
9300 Companies

What you get

  • Find opportunities and minimize risk in every markets, sector, industries, ETFs, and countries
  • Portfolio aggregate score and monitoring

  • Cross markets, sectors, industries, companies, ETFs, portfolio and countries comparisons
  • Analysis on different levels

  • Scoring per event categories such as ESG, M&A, earnings and more

  • Alert notification when the score is changing
  • Export data to XLS or CSV files

September 2018

ESG event category – AT&T case study

ESG event category - AT&T case study AT&T ($T) has suffered a data breach that compromised some details of about 3% of its total 77 million users or about 2 million customers which the personal information of millions of its users, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and account numbers, [...]

August 2018

PE ratio and event-driven scoring – the apparel manufacturers case study

PE ratio and event-driven scoring  - the apparel manufacturers case study Apparel production, also known as garment production is a process where the fabric is being converted into garments. The term apparel production is basically used when garments are manufactured in a factory. Traditionally apparel manufacturing factories have been divided into two sectors as domestic and export. In this [...]

PepsiCo VS Coca-Cola case study

PepsiCo VS Coca-Cola As the beverage industry undergoes a transformation with carbonated soft drinks losing their position and consumers preferring “healthier” beverages, cola giants have focused their attention on other avenues to spur their sales. One such route is the sparkling water category which has witnessed spectacular growth [...]

Tesla case study

Why we don't use personal account tracing on social media Using event extraction from a personal account on Twitter can be a risky method for news sentiment assessment. This week, we got a very good example of why we don't cover personal twitter account on our platform. On Aug [...]


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