Paris Air Show Airbus vs Boeing

The Paris Air Show 2019 (June 17th to 23rd) is the key event for major airplanes manufacture as key deals are made during the trade show. Each year the competition between Airbus and Boeing is getting more intense as each wants to secure more order than its peer.

This year, a special condition influence sales figure as Being facing a bad reputation over the 2 crashes, while Airbus, on the other hand, introduce new models such A321XLR which attract large deals.

Being able to track new orders and contract allows accumulating the total amount of order as a quantity or in $ value which then helps to anticipate the companies sales numbers in the future

Using our technology, we found collective deals for both companies for 472 airplanes during the trade-show period. Airbus secures 247 new airplanes orders, while Boeing which was saved in the last part of the trade show as sales were 0, secure 225 new airplanes orders (IAG order 200 airplanes).

Publish_atFeed_categoryEntitySymbolSectorIndustryMarketEvent categoryEvent sub-categoryTitleEvent-driven scoreNo' of airplanes
6/17/2019 9:42Stocks bullishAirbusAIR.FIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseGermanyNew dealNew orderAirbus is poised to get a major order for 100 jetliners
6/18/2019 11:26Stocks bullishAirbusAIR.FIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseGermanyNew dealNew orderAirbus sells another 31 planes to Cebu Pacific at Paris Air Show
6/19/2019 9:49Stocks bullishAirbusAIR.FIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseGermanyNew dealNew orderIndigo Partners to acquire 50 A321XLR jets from Airbus0.750
6/19/2019 7:18Stocks bullishAirbusAIR.FIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseGermanyNew dealNew orderQantas adds 10 Airbus jets to order, will take 36 A321XLRs…0.6536
6/19/2019 10:19Stocks bullishAirbusAIR.FIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseGermanyNew dealNew orderTaiwan's China Airlines signs MOU for 11 Airbus A321neo jets0.711
6/19/2019 8:36Stocks bullishAirbusAIR.FIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseGermanyNew dealNew orderUS airline Delta orders another five Airbus A220 jets in Paris - Belfast Telegraph0.75
6/17/2019 11:12Stocks bullishAirbusAIR.FIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseGermanyNew dealNew orderVirgin Atlantic orders 14 Airbus A330neos, with further 6 options0.6514
6/18/2019 16:16Stocks bullishBoeingBAIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseUSNew dealNew orderIAG signs $24bn deal for Boeing Max
6/18/2019 11:16Stocks bullishBoeingBAIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseUSNew dealNew orderKorean Air commits to buying 20 Boeing 787s, leasing an extra 100.6520
6/19/2019 12:19Stocks bullishBoeingBAIndustrialsAerospace & DefenseUSNew dealNew orderQatar Airways orders five Boeing 777F freighters0.75

We were able to capture this data using big data and NLP technologies to capture the new order events by collecting, structuring, and revealing the relevant information from news articles, press releases, and financial social media.

We track this event and 400 others (financial and operational corporate events) on a daily basis, so this comparison can be made on a monthly, quarterly, yearly and multi-year level in order to anticipate companies performance

Using big data and NLP technologies to capture alpha by collecting, structuring, and revealing events from news articles, press releases, and financial social media.

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