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Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT) jumped 7.7% on 02/12/18: This is why


Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT) jumped based on the bullish news related to investment an additional CAD $3.4 million in one of its portfolio holdings, goNumerical Ltd (dba “Coinsquare”). The investment is part of a CAD $30 million financing at a CAD $430 million post-money valuation. This valuation for Coinsquare is over fifteen times the valuation from Riot Blockchain’s initial investment in September 2017. Riot Blockchain additionally exercised its previously acquired warrants at a CAD $94 million valuation, and now owns approximately 12.5% of Coinsquare after the latest investment.

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“Coinsquare continues its rapid growth and execution while positioning itself as the leading digital currency exchange in Canada ,” commented John O’Rourke , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Riot Blockchain. “We believe that Coinsquare offers the most compelling platform to transact in digital currencies in Canada . They will play a key role in advising Riot Blockchain on its efforts to establish a transparent and compliant United States -based digital currency exchange.”

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Why are we Bullish on the new: Coinsquare continues its rapid growth and execution while positioning itself as the leading digital currency exchange in Canada. The stock has been impacted by the bullish news and jumped by 7.7%. We provide a Bullish short-term news signal on Feb 12

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