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You, as an investor, analyst, or journalist in the stock market, read and see news every day about biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals companies that are traded in the stock markets. And, to be accurate, you see a huge amount of news as these industries produce daily news about, clinical trial results, FDA and CE Mark approvals, patent registrations, joint ventures, mergers, strategic deals, and so on. However, most of us don’t have familiarity with these companies as they tend to sit in “quiet mode” until they get a breakout, which generates massive profits in a short period after the initial news announcement. On the contrary, when we have a familiarity with the company, we don’t always understand what the company is doing. So, when we see a breakout announcement, we sometimes don’t know what to do.

Today, there are more than 100 listed companies in the US stock market with market cap between 130M – 128B; from this list, 74 are tradeable based on volume and liquidity. In these industries, a 52-week change can be up to 627% (average 52-week gains for these companies is 55.8% vs. 18.8% on the S&P 500) or analysts price target can be 600% upside from the current price. Therefore, knowing these companies is critical for any investor who wants to beat the market and gain substantial profits. In contrast, these industries are considered highly risky as a result of the volatility in the stock’s price caused by news.

In this index, you will find 74 listed biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals companies in the US stock market sorted by market cap from the biggest to the smallest (the data on these companies was taken from Google Finance (, as well as the companies’ websites). For each company, we present the company’s info, description of the company, market cap, yearly change, yearly low-high price, current price, and analysts target price. The goal is to provide a clear view on each company in the bio industry to get a better understanding of the companies’ products, service, clinical trials, and FDA approved products or services. With this knowledge, you will be able to understand and act more professionally when news about biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals is released.

My company, FIRST TO INVEST (, is frequently sent bullish and bearish news signals on companies within these industries. However, we have seen that many investors don’t know these companies or what they do, therefore, I decided to provide an informative, easy to read index of 74 listed biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals companies in the US stock market. So, the next time that you receive our signals, or on company from the biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, or read it on financial news site, you will have better understanding and knowledge of what the companies accomplish, in what stage, and what the next steps are for them.

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How News Moves Stock Prices

News thus plays an increasing role in shaping trade and price patterns in financial markets. Positive and negative news are the most influential factors on stocks prices. News reporting shapes public opinion which can, in turn, influence stock prices. Top research shows, that stocks prices are mainly determined by expectations based on news. Therefore, by utilizing the power of positive and negative news signals into your investments, you will dramatically improve results on profits more than any other investment techniques.

Trading the news can be extremely profitable. In fact, most bank traders only trade news releases when they are day trading and stay away from technical analysis for short-term positions. The reason is because high impact event is in the eyes of almost every single trader in the world and once the news is released they all step in and buy or sell stocks that are being impacted from the data.

As stock market produces large amount of data every day, it is very difficult for an individual to consider all the current and past information for predicting future trend of a stock.

In this EBook, we analyze the influence of news on the stock prices using up to date case studies. My goal is to provide clear view on how privet investors can utilize the power of news on stock prices to leverage their investment and profits in the short and long-term.

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