Jan 2019 Events Statistics

Jan 2019 Event Statistics

Sub-categoryEvents Distribution
Beats expectations6.39%
Revenue growth4.86%
New products3.82%
Q4 Earnings Beat3.67%
New deal2.92%
Share buyback2.48%
Strategic collaboration2.33%
Positive clinical results2.28%
Sales growth2.28%
Raises forecast2.18%
Miss expectations1.98%
Strategic partnership1.88%
Q4 EPS Beat1.78%
Takes Position1.78%
Profits rises1.49%
Lower forecast1.34%
New agreement1.34%
Share price up1.29%
New drug1.24%
Potential acquisition1.24%
Share price down1.04%
Sales fall0.89%
Supply agreement0.84%
Strong buy rating0.79%
New collaboration0.69%
New CEO0.64%
Q1 Earnings Beat0.64%
Strong demand0.64%
Price target raised0.59%
Manufacturing Expansion0.55%
Potential merger0.55%
CEO resigns0.50%
Lowered Stake0.50%
Public offering0.50%
Continues expansion0.45%
Entering new market0.45%
Profits warning0.45%
Strategic alternatives0.45%
Selling stake0.40%
Dividend up0.35%
New platform0.35%
Operating profit falls0.35%
slowing revenue growth0.35%
Cost saving0.30%
Negative clinical results0.30%
New CFO0.30%
profits rise0.30%
Sales growth slows0.30%
Terminate Merger0.30%
Appoints new COO0.25%
New president0.25%
Potential bankruptcy0.25%
Potential buyout0.25%
Potential sale0.25%
Q1 EPS Beat0.25%
Senior management transition0.25%
CFO resigns0.20%
Cut production plan0.20%
Increasing competition0.20%
Joint venture0.20%
New order0.20%
New patent application0.20%
Opened new stores0.20%
Profits decline0.20%
Q3 Earnings Beat0.20%
Q4 Earnings Miss0.20%
sales warning0.20%
Chairman step down0.15%
COO resigns0.15%
European Commission0.15%
Operating profit rises0.15%
Product price Lowered0.15%
Q2 Earnings Beat0.15%
Raises prices0.15%
Rapid growth0.15%
Same-store sales increase0.15%
Secondary offering0.15%
Submission of European Marketing Authorization Application0.15%
Users Grow0.15%
Weak demand0.15%
Beats User Growth Expectations0.10%
Common stock offering0.10%
Demand fall0.10%
File for bankruptcy0.10%
Gets delisting warning0.10%
Health Canada approval0.10%
Increase stake0.10%
Margins under pressure0.10%
New chairman0.10%
Potential deal block0.10%
Potential IPO0.10%
Product issue0.10%
Q1 EPS Miss0.10%
Q3 EPS Beat0.10%
Added to the NASDAQ0.05%
Analysts' top picks0.05%
Blocked in China0.05%
Cash call fears0.05%
Chinese approval0.05%
Closing stores0.05%
Dividend down0.05%
Files Confidentially for IPO0.05%
Gets delisting0.05%
Loses exclusive marketing rights0.05%
Losing strategic client0.05%
Lower price target0.05%
New leadership0.05%
Profit miss0.05%
Q1 Earnings Miss0.05%
Q2 Earnings Miss0.05%
Q2 EPS Beat0.05%
Regulations Hit0.05%
sales miss estimates0.05%
Shutting down all operations0.05%
Supply-chain disruption0.05%
tax bill0.05%
Temporary reprieve from liquidation0.05%
Terminate Buyout0.05%
Wider loss0.05%

Using big data and NLP technologies to capture alpha by collecting, structuring, and revealing events from news articles, press releases, and financial social media

In today’s rapidly changing environment it is essential to be able to track corporate events such as M&A, new deals, partnerships, ESG, regulatory decisions, management and stakeholder changes, expansions to new markets or product categories, price changes, new agreements, FDA decisions, financial reports related events, macroeconomics, and much more…

Our data is presented via visually compelling, interactive dashboards on your PC and mobile devices or as CSV file via FTP or API. Our data and system are being used by world leading quants, quantamental, fundamental hedgefunds and assets managers.

Using a hybrid model to provide a high accuracy of data classification, context, and sources to ensure maximum value for our clients. Generating events scoring based on novelty, the position of the event, (header or news body), the event scoring index, and the repetition of the event in the media.

Comprehensive Sourcing
Cover press releases, news stories, and financial social media on companies, currencies, commodities, central banks, cryptocurrencies, macroeconomics, and ETFs, 24/7.

Visual Analytics
Our data is presented on easy to use interactive dashboards on the web or on your phone. In addition, you can get alerts when data changes and drill into details. Alpha is at your fingertips.


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