What is alternative data?What is alternative data?

Alternative data draws from non-traditional data sources so that when you apply analytics to the data, they yield additional insights that complement the information you receive from traditional sources. A proxy metrics or information originating from unofficial or noncompany sources that individuals can use to gain insight into an investment. Such information can be the difference between making a profitable and unprofitable bet.

What is events extraction?

A process of gathering knowledge about periodical incidents found in texts, automatically identifying information about what happened and when it happened. Event extraction can also be described as a common task in information extraction, which aims at identifying occurrences of target event types in given texts. It comprises of two parts – trigger labeling, which identifies the main term signifying the event, and argument extraction, which identifies the participants of the event and their roles

Why using corporate event data?

In today’s noisy environment, it is essential to have a bigger and clearer picture of companies and countries' financial activities by being able to collect, structure, and reveal important events in order the capture alpha.

What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing, usually shortened as NLP, is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction between computers and humans using the natural language.

What type of events FIRST TO INVEST covers?

We aim to cover all operational and financial key events which impact the core business activity of companies in our DB.

Global ticker coverage

US 3319, China 627, UK 569, Canada 478, Japan 478, India 386, Hong Kong 289, France 200, Australia 158, Singapore 152, Germany 142, Sweden 96, Swiss 95, South Korea 78, Brazil 62, Netherlands 62, Ireland 53, Bermuda 50, Norway 40, Taiwan 40.

What type of data delivery is available?

The data is presented via visually compelling, interactive dashboards or as CSV file via direct access to S3, FTP or API .